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Zahra yarahmadi’s biography

Zahra Yarahmadi is an independent finance consultant with over 15 years of professional expertise, founder and CEO of financial advisory company “BG Financial Consulting Group”, subscription business enthusiast, passionate woman entrepreneur, and nurturing mother.

Throughout her career, Zahra Yarahmadi has assisted more than 100 startups in their growth journey. She has taught and motivated thousands of people in service-based businesses finance and business growth strategies. Her dedication to empowering entrepreneurs and fostering financial literacy has earned her recognition as a trusted advisor and mentor in the startup community.

With her blend of expertise, engaging speaking style, empathy, and charisma, Zahra inspires audiences to embrace change, overcome challenges, and reach new heights of achievement.

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Popular Talks By Zahra Yarahmadi 

Professional topics (expert events, interviews)

    • Finance for Startups: Strategies for Maintaining Business Health
    • Subscription Business Trends: Insights and Predictions for the Future
    • Winning Pricing Strategies for Subscription-Based Services
    • Financial Strategies for Sustainable Growth in Startups
    • How to Build a Successful Subscription-Based Business: Key Steps and Strategies
    • Raising Capital for Startups: Getting Ready to Rise, Steps, Tips
    • Subscription Revenue: Strategies for Maximizing Profits
    • Best Practices for SaaS Success: Tips for Founders and CEOs on Managing SaaS
    • Finance Troubleshooting for Businesses: How to Avoid Bankruptcy
    • AI for SaaS Startups: Best Practices, Tips – Financial Side
    • and more..

Apart from Zahra’s specialization in finance, she is often invited to share and speak about her story and success:

  • How to Grow a Consulting Company without Burnout and Make Your Dream Happen!
  • Inspirational Insights for Emerging Women Leaders
  • Art of Becoming a 6-Figure Woman without Sacrificing Well-being
  • Financial Literacy for Women: Strategies for Managing Personal and Business Finances
  • The Power of Networking: Building Strong Connections for Business Growth
  • Challenges of Balancing Motherhood and Entrepreneurship

Zahra consistently dedicates her energy, knowledge, and passion to empowering others and driving positive change in ANY community SHE JOINS.

Speaking Formats and Events

From 30-minute sessions to two-hour events

  • Business Conferences and Expert Meetings
  • Breakout Sessions / Seminars
  • Professional Networking Mixers
  • Training / Coaching Sessions
  • Young Professionals Meet-ups
  • Finance Workshops 
  • Podcasts (Live, In-person)
  • Corporate Team Events

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Recent Testimonials from clients

“I met with Zahra to discuss my own business building options and direction, I left the meeting with a page and a half of notes for things that I can implement. It was well worth my time and I consider it a value for a taste of her insight and suggestions into how I can improve my business and branding”.

“Zahra was a true professional and went above beyond to accommodate our team’s needs”.

Zahra has a winning personality and plays a crucial role when it comes to teamwork. Not only she is the go-to person for translating analysis result in practical solutions, but also she takes the lead and connects teams to implement them. She will be a valuable asset for any company that she joins“.

“Zahra was a pleasure to work with! Highly communicative and strategic thinker”.

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