Hello! I am Zahra Yarahmadi, a finance advisor specializing in subscription businesses.

    I am happy to welcome you to my website.

    Over the last 15 years, I have successfully guided more than 100 startups towards growth, gaining recognition from professional sources like Forbes and Nasdaq. My dedication to simplifying the complexities of the subscription market and providing actionable finance advice has established me as a trusted authority in the field.

      My journey towards subscription advisory

      My professional journey toward financial advisory for subscription startups started by living in Silicon Valley, There I observed first-hand how important it is for startups to get strategic financial advice. However, getting this advice was far from easy for two main reasons.

      First, many startup founders knew they needed help but couldn’t quite figure out what their main problem was. This uncertainty made it hard for them to seek out the right kind of advice. Second, the cost of professional advice was a huge barrier. Startups had two choices: pay a fortune to big consulting firms, or hire a full-time expert, which wasn’t always practical or affordable in the long term.

      Seeing this struggle, it became clear to me that there was a gap in the market. Many startups were searching for financial advice but couldn’t afford the hefty fees of big-name consulting firms for small or short-term projects. This experience shaped my professional path. I decided to focus on making strategic financial advice more accessible to startups, ensuring that cost wouldn’t prevent these budding companies from achieving their full potential.

      My consulting firm
      “BG Financial Consulting group”

      Throughout my 15-year professional journey, I occupied various roles, including that of a finance manager at a billion-dollar company. Also, I offered independent advisory services to more than 100 businesses as a freelance startup advisor. Throughout this experience, I always felt I have enough to start my own company.

      And I did that! I started my own Consulting firm BG Financial Consulting Group focused on Technology and Subscription / SaaS startups. Company you can TRUST.


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      What clients SAY about

      In October 2018, I received one of my first reviews as an independent freelance consultant specializing in financial advice for emerging subscription startups.  Now, the list of my clients includes the biggest tech companies, household names, and industry leaders.

      “It was a pleasure working with Zahra. She did a pricing analysis for our Saas company and gave recommendations. She was easy to work with, delivered ahead of time, and spent time going over all the numbers with me and answering my questions. Highly recommend her.” 

      “Our investors were impressed by level of detail and accuracy of her work. From financial modeling, valuation, KPIs modeling to visualization she delivered top notch. She also helped us to prepare for investors question regards the business outlook and had the answers already built in the model.  Zahra is a true expert in SAAS and Fintech who opened our eyes to aspects we never thought about before. will work with her again.”

      “We are so grateful to have had the opportunity of working with Zahra. She did an excellent job analyzing our pricing and providing recommendations for how we can improve it in order to meet demand. We would definitely recommend Zahra if you’re looking for someone who will go above and beyond your expectations”

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      I’m excited about my professional journey and even more excited to have you join me.

      Contact me

      If you have any questions about the subscription business, please feel free to reach out to me directly.

      For PR inquiries or if you’re interested in having me lead a strategic session, conduct a workshop, or speak at your event or on your podcast, you can contact me via email at contact@bgfinancialconsulting.com