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Welcome to my articles page! As a successful woman entrepreneur with expertise in finance, startups, subscription models, and capital rising, I’m here to share my insights and experiences. 

Upcoming events & Featured articles

March 19, 2024. Online talk for Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center: “Competitive Pricing for Sustainable Growth”.

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January 28, 2024. Forbes: “How Boards Should Think About Handling Visionary CEOs”

January 31, 2024. Nasdaq: “Women to Watch in 2024 Share Their Strategies for Success”

March 13, 2024. Dreamers & Doers “Zahra Yarahmadi Is Shaping the Future of Subscription-Based Business Finance. Here’s How.”

February 15, 2024. Medium: An Interview With Doug Noll

“Zahra Yarahmadi On Five Things You Need To Create A Highly Successful Startup

December 6, 2023. CEO Weekly “Red Flags in Startup Investing: Zahra Yarahmadi’s Guide to Spotting Trouble”

Recent articles

March 10, 2024. Zone of Genius: “5 Ways To Take Your Startup from Vision to Reality”

February 8, 2024. Small Business Currents: “The Double-Edged Sword of Explosive Growth”

January 25, 2024. CBS 42: “About My new Ebook: Navigating the Subscription Business Landscape: Insights & Tactics”

January 24, 2024. “15 women on the surprising challenges of motherhood and entrepreneurship”

January 19, 2024. Blogher: “The Art of Pricing: Female Founders and Leaders Reveal What’s Worked for Them”

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My journey as a female entrepreneur in the financial advisory for subscription businesses space offers a rich source of insights and stories, ideal for those looking to explore the latest trends and challenges in the subscription economy. Feel free to reach out for compelling interviews or detailed discussions.