Hi, I’m Zahra.

I HELP ambitious STARTUPS GROW THROUGH Financial Strategies

I am an MBA holder, Forbes-featured independent finance advisor, subscription expert, “BG Financial Consulting” Founder and CEO, author.

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What I do

Building a startup is not an easy task. I apply my knowledge and hands-on experience to support startups in thriving.

Financial Consulting for Subscription Startups

More than 5 years I work as an independent finance consultant in the field. I assist you in viewing your business holistically, rising capital and achieving sustainable growth.

Workshops in Finance, Strategic Sessions

I have a drive to tackle challenges startups have. As a trusted consultant and advisor, I excel at pinpointing the bigger picture and identifying scaling opportunities. I believe you don’t have to manage your business alone.

Financial Education For CEOs, Founders, Investors

I run my blog about finance, finance strategies and startups. It’s a place where I share the my latest insights, motivation, and valuable practical tips for entrepreneurs, investors, and business enthusiasts.


In my consulting firm, I team up with a selected team of experts. Our focus is on delivering top-tier services, and the latest financial strategies for subscription-based businesses. This includes pricing and revenue strategies, financial modeling, and more. We customize each solution to meet our clients’ unique requirements.


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“I met with Zahra to discuss my own business building options and direction, I left the meeting with a page and a half of notes for things that I can implement. It was well worth my time and I consider it a value for a taste of her insight and suggestions” SAAS Startup Founder  



I run my business with passion. My personal and career growth story serves as motivation for many. As a female entrepreneur, I’ve achieved significant growth through hard work and unwavering dedication to my goals. I have a wealth of experiences to share with you.


I’m excited to share my latest thoughts, insights, and experiences with you in my recent articles.

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